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Alerid 10mg-Drug Information
Alerid 10mg and its generic Cetirizine treat the symptoms of allergy by reducing the effects of natural chemical histamine in the body which produces the symptoms of various allergies such as itching swelling, watery eyes and runny nose. This antihistamine drug Cetirizine also helps treat itching and swelling caused by hives.

Cetirizine-Points to be Noted
It is important to tell your health care provider if you regularly use some other cold or allergy medicines that make you feel sleepy. Taking Cetirizine 10mg may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful while driving or doing anything that requires you to be alert.
Call your doctor instantly if your symptoms do not improve or if have also fever.

Cetirizine-Dosing Information
Do not take the medication in larger or smaller amounts than told by your doctor. Chew the chewable Cetirizine tablet wholly before you swallow it. Take the oral suspension (liquid) after measuring it with a marked measuring spoon or medical cup.
Keep the medicine away from direct heat or light.

Cetirizine-Are There any Side Effects?
Get an urgent medical help if you have fast, pounding or uneven heartbeats, weakness, tremors, sleep problems, severe restless feeling, hyperactivity, confusion or vision problems such as blurred vision.

Where to Buy Alerid?
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