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Immunosuppressive drugs are a class of medicine that reduces the strength of the body’s immune system. These drugs are also called anti-rejection drugs. If your doctor has prescribed it and you want to buy immunosuppressive medicine online, you just have to place your order to the best online for the best result.

Pangraf 0-5mg-new

Pangraf 0.5mg

$ 56.50
Pangraf 1mg

Pangraf 1mg

$ 41.16
Pangraf 0-5mg-new

Pangraf 5mg

$ 196.20
Tacroz new-01- (10 Gm)

Tacroz .01% (10 Gm)

$ 12.50
Tacroz -03- (10 Gm)-new

Tacroz .03% (10 Gm)

$ 13.50
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